Terry Hirst Photography Services



Real Estate Photography


Still Photos – Includes 25 finished images, interior and exterior.  Multiple light set up.

2000 Square feet and under: $175.00

2001 – 3000 Square feet: $225.00

3001 – 4000 Square feet: $275.00

4001 – 5000 Square feet: $325.00

5001 – 6000 Square feet: $450.00

6001 – 8000 Square feet: $650.00

8001 + Square feet: $750.00



Additional Photos

Twilight Photos and repeat visit for exterior shots: $75.00

Pole Aerial Photography (elevated view): $50.00

 + Video of entire property $100

 + Drone Aerial Photography (where possible): $100.00


Video Only - $250


The photographs taken are licensed to the agent for non-exclusive commercial use for the marketing of the property while under contract. Images may be used for any purpose related to the sale of the property under the agent who originally purchased the services.  The photos may not be used or the license transferred in anyway after the listing has closed without the permission of Terry Hirst Photography.  Any other use is subject to additional licensing fees.


All images are copyrighted by Terry Hirst Photography.

Payment is due at the time of the shoot.

Photos will be delivered within 24-48 hrs of shoot.