Terry Hirst Photography


Preparing your Home for a Photo Shoot

The photo shoot will take between 2-3 hours for most homes.  Both the exterior and interior will be photographed.

If there are special features of the home that are not obvious, please advice, in advance, so we can be sure to include them.



Mow and rake the grass and yard areas.

Sweep driveways, pavements, decks and patios.

Remove all garden equipment: tools, hoses, sprinklers.

Remove all toys, bikes, etc. from sight.  Remove any portable play equipment.

If there is a pool, remove pool sweep, cleaning equipment and pool toys.

Be sure to put trash receptacles out of sight so they are not visible from the front of the home.

Remove all vehicles from the driveways and do not park directly in front of the house.

Please put pets in the garage or out of site in an area not to be photographed.



Make sure the home is clean, neat and free of clutter.

Remove all throw rugs in entryways, kitchen and bathrooms.

Turn on all interior lights. Make sure all bulbs are working in fixtures and lamps.  Conceal exposed electrical cords wherever possible.

Put trash cans out of sight in closet or garage.

De- clutter all rooms.  Artwork is fine, but do remove personal photos from all shelves, tables, dressers, cabinets, etc.  You want the viewer to picture the home as theirs.

Remove excess furniture, extra chairs, toys, etc.  Crowded rooms do not photograph well.

Living and Family Rooms

 Turn off televisions and ceiling fans. Hide remote controls. Conceal exposed cables as best as possible. Remove newspapers, magazines, mail, toys.


 Remove everything from the front of refrigerator. Clear and clean counter tops. Remove small appliances and clutter (i.e. toaster, coffee pot, knife block, napkin holder)


 Clean and de-clutter countertops.  Remove towels and all personal items from bathroom (toothbrushes, soap dishes, lotion, shampoo etc.). Close lid on all toilet seats. Clean mirrors.


 Make all beds.  Make sure all clothes and shoes are in closet or put away. Remove personal items from bedside tables (books, magazines, clocks, pictures, etc).