Photography is a statement of truth. It is the truth of a moment captured, the truth of an essence revealed. It is about both the photographer’s eye and heart and how acutely attuned they are to their subject. With just a glimpse, the turn of a head, the smallest detail – the best photographers know how to dig deep, to get at some core truth.

Photography has been my passion all of my life. And my career for over 20 years. From the beginning, I have focused on finding the “authentic” by way of the camera lens. Originally trained as a portrait and wedding photographer, I learned how to see and read light, to work quickly, and to be ready for any contingency. Later, as I expanded into commercial photography, I learned to listen carefully to clients’ needs and to fuse my artistic vision with their business requirements. With a knack for making people feel at ease, I have continually honed my craft while working to uncover the unique and beautiful truth of each of my subjects. I invite you to take a look at my work and welcome the opportunity of working with you soon.

Graduate : Antonelli Institute of Art & Photography
Penn State University
Alpha Beta Kappa
Member National Honor Society